Sunrise Sessions

Tuesday, February 8 | 7:00 - 7:50 am


The Rural Emergency Hospital: A Clear-Eyed Assessment of the New Model

Jeff Coyler, MD, Chair, National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services; former Governor of Kansas
Tom Morris, Associate Administrator for Rural Health Policy, Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
George Pink, Humana Distinguished Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management, Senior Research Fellow at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, and Deputy Director of the NC Rural Health Research Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Patricia Schou, Executive Director, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network

This session will highlight the work of the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services (NACRHHS) in examining the viability of the Rural Emergency Hospital Model (REH) and key considerations for policymakers as the regulations for this provider type are developed. The presenters will offer an analysis of the potential number of hospitals that may be REH candidates, as well as recommendations on payment, regulatory and quality issues related to the implementation of the REH in 2023. The Committee also focused on the challenges of engaging communities and hospital boards in the relative merits and challenges of converting from a traditional acute care hospital to a REH. Participants will gain an improved understanding of the new REH designation, and learn how communities should consider the merits of this model relative to a full-service acute care hospital.


Not Just for Football Anymore: Huddle Up for Safety and Quality Outcomes

Kathy Griffis, Chief Nursing Officer, Titus Regional Medical Center
Patty Boeckmann, Chief Operating Officer, Titus Regional Medical Center
Barbara Petersen, Chief Quality Officer, Great Plains Health
Wendy Ward, Director of Patient Safety/Risk Manager, Great Plains Health

Hear from two organizations that have used huddles to improve patient safety and quality outcomes. Titus Regional Medical Center implemented a huddle process for every COVID inpatient at the start of the pandemic and subsequently transformed these huddles for other conditions including sepsis, ED critical mass, and high risk medications. You’ll learn how huddles were one of the practices responsible for maintaining a low mortality rate, despite high COVID rates. And with Great Plains Health, explore how the organization built a culture committed to safety and focused on quality outcomes by incorporating the Malcolm Baldridge Framework for Excellence. What does it take to overcome resistance and engage frontline staff and physicians in process improvements that lead to excellent patient safety?


A Discussion on the Principles of Infrastructure Capital Planning

Jonathan Flannery, Senior Associate Director of Advocacy, American Society for Healthcare Engineering
Mark Mochel, Senior Vice President, Facility Health, Inc.
Matthew H. Stiene, Senior Director Plant Engineering, Novant Health

With the current focus on infrastructure funding, it is hard to know how to appropriately fund this important part of the physical environment. Participants will learn the principles of infrastructure capital planning, how to develop a recommended infrastructure renewal capital plan and to better understand the impact of infrastructure deferred maintenance to the physical environment.