2021 Keynote Sessions


Mark Shrime

Solving for Why: Lessons on Life, Work and the Transformative Power of Purpose

Mark Shrime, MD, O'Brien Chair of Global Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland and lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

How does a person who never wanted to be a doctor find purpose in the halls of medicine? Drawn from and anchored by Dr. Shrime’s stories of growing from a reluctant medical student to a man working as a surgeon on a hospital ship in West Africa, this thoughtful presentation distills the lessons learned from the field on life and work, and seeks to apply them for anyone looking to create and keep a life of purpose, meaning, and deep contentment.

James E. Orlikoff

Through a Glass Darkly: A Year in Review and Implications of the Pandemic for the Future of Rural Health Care and its Leadership

James E. Orlikoff, President, Orlikoff and Associates, Inc.

What a year was 2020! A pandemic, a recession, a presidential election! Through it all rural health care was challenged as never before, and may never be the same. This presentation will examine the failures and lessons of the pandemic, the responses and impact on rural health care and its leadership, and gauge the implications for the future of rural health care and the challenges for leadership and how to address them.

Travis Robey

AHA Washington Update with Keynote Remarks from Senator Joe Manchin III

Travis Robey, Senior Associate Director, Federal Relations, American Hospital Association
Joanna Hiatt Kim, VP of Payment Policy and Analysis, American Hospital Association
Tom Nickels, EVP, Government Relations and Public Policy, American Hospital Association

Join American Hospital Association leaders for a discussion on the latest from Capitol Hill and the new administration, and what it all means for hospitals and health systems, especially in light of the COVID crisis. Learn what policies Congress is considering and how they may affect rural community hospitals. This session will also provide a federal update on recent regulations impacting Critical Access Hospitals and other rural hospitals.

Kai Kight

Compose Your World

Kai Kight, Composer and Musician

Why do some people just play notes they are handed while others write new music in the world? As a classical violinist turned innovative composer, Kai Kight uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organizations across the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfillment. Inspired by his own mother who, when diagnosed with cancer, revealed regrets of not bringing her ideas to the world, Kai is on a mission to spark a global mindset shift in which ingenuity is the norm, not the exception. In this captivating presentation, he tackles this question, performs original music and shares the inspiring story of how he became an innovative composer in a field of conformity. He will leave you feeling inspired to take your future into your own hands and bring your unique ideas forward.